DKF Projects GmbH

The desire to create beautiful residences is what drives us, inspires us and defines our lives. Accordingly, the team of DKF Projects GmbH includes successful contractors, architects and financiers with the expertise of many years in the business. Decades of experience and integrity combine with our passion for building to inspire the development of the YORCKBRUNNEN project in the scenic and history-steeped town centre of Mittenwalde, a suburban community south of Berlin. Given our commitment to quality, our ethic code of conduct, and the robust, stable-valued way we build, buyers can rest assured that their investments will be secure for generations to come. This is what we stand for. This is why we build.


To rent or or to buy? This is a question of particular relevance when accommodation in a prominent location is involved. More and more people are seeking to get away from the frenzied pace of the Berlin conurbation and to exchange it for the often picturesque and laid-back towns found nearby in the greater metro area. A case in point would be Mittenwalde, a quaint small town of long-standing tradition just outside Berlin. It is a great place for leading a quiet and relaxed life without having to do without all the urban amenities.


After all, the town boasts an excellent infrastructure and perfect transport links to the metropolis. The convenient inner city location is popular not just with locals, but also among families who decide to move to Mittenwalde from elsewhere. Here as in any other community, housing in the town centre is a scarce commodity. We of DKF Projects GmbH were lucky enough to find the perfect place within this small-town sanctuary for a building project that will create new residences downtown.